September 27, 2007

man.. maggie loves her little kitty
9:52 PM
Man... I don't feel good at all. I'm just extremely tired with a throbbing head ache. Almost feverish as I am wearing my winter PJ's. I went to the gym and sat in the dry sauna for three intervals of 12 minutes. I'm still perspiring an hour later. Is this good for you? I've made up my own remedy, but who knows?? I could be setting myself up for some terrible virus. Who knows? Obviously not me.

My sister turns 40 tomorrow. Though she looks like she's 30 at the oldest. she doesn't even color her hair like most women do. All black... How lucky. Why not me? Why so many white hairs in the last 3 years? Uggghhh...

But yeah, we're going to have dinner tomorrow at my mom's house. It will surely be good cause mom cooks like a champ.

And then Saturday is MONICA'S B-DAY!! And her parents will arrive from Maine at noon on Saturday, so it's a busy week ahead for myself.

I got an email from this sweet girl named Billie who lives in Phoenix. She got a tattoo of me on her arm. She said she didn't want to creep me out by sending this photo, but I'm hard to creep out. Billie...You are the nicest girl in the world, but are you sure you want my face on you forever?

Alright kids.. Have an enjoyable weekend. Here's one last photo of myself and Maggie. I've realized that most of the photos don't include me, so perhaps you forgot what I look like. Let's hope so.
Mike Park