September 25, 2007

8:37 AM
Tuesday morning and the sun is shining bright here in California. But I'm an angry man today. Yesterday was kind of a bummer as I had to deal with some music business related bollocks that involved all of the evils that plague this industry. It reminds me of the young law school enthusiasts running around with their heads chopped off. Yeah, it makes no sense to any of you. It's a visual I have that explains a lot about the industry at hand.

This is how I feel...

I love music and I love the philosophy of punk. But I don't care for or understand the veil of indie labels that try to cater themselves in this ideology, only to play ball in the big ring of corporate stench. Again, this really makes no sense to you as I'm really just venting frustration.

Soon I will just focus my attention on plea for peace and the music business will fall into the strictly non-profit realm for me. That will be a nice day. To play music, teach music, and enjoy music for being music.

Ahhhhhh... It's like the last scene from SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION when Tim Robbins sees Morgan Freeman and they embrace after years of incarceration. That will be me when the music business turns uppity up.
Peace always,
Mike Park