December 15, 2003
12:18 PM

Saw perhaps the worst rendition of a Christmas Story yesterday in beautiful and quaint Alameda, Ca.. The theater was beautiful,but freezing cold and the audio was horrible. I just couldn't hear anything. I'm all for indie productions, but yikes..this was as indie as it gets. I went with my friend Rachel and met up with her home girls Heidi and Shannon. We left early since we went to see friends of theirs who were in the production and once their scenes were done, we were out of there. We got mexican food and then went to the evil starbucks where I got some Green Tea. I hate supporting that corporation, but I did and don't want to be a hypocrite in case somebody saw me go in there. After, the play we headed out to Oakland, which is basically right in the same area as alameda and went to a little xmas part that my friend Maria was having. Had some hot apple cider and met some nice new people. I ate a lot of cheese and bread and olives and candy and yummm.... Met the bass player for the quails, an amazing band from San Francisco. Headed back home around 7PM and landed in good old San JOse at 8. Tried to muster the energy to go out and do more, but my body said "STOP" and so I did. I just laid there on my bed and watched mindless tv. It's ok to do sometimes, but I don't want to make a habit out of it. I better get back to work. Tonight...I have no plans. We'll see what happens. Want to hang out? Do you live near me? Well, shoot me an email.