September 21, 2007

This flyer was found in the pile of Skankin' Pickle memorobilia that was discarded earlier in the week. The significance is that this was the first time I met the soon to be band SLOW GHERKIN. Even though they were only 12 years old at the time and the thought of SLOW GHERKIN had never even been an idea at this point. Regardless, this is the show where I met them for the first time back in 1990.

After playing the show we piled in an old 78' VW BUS that served as our touring vehicle at the time and there were a group of 6 kids that were walking down a road and we recognized them from the show. Being the nice people we were we stopped to see if they needed a ride home. To our suprise they asked something along the lines of "Hey do you know where this party is". And it was exactly where we were going, so we took them. Probably not the smartest idea to take kids to a party, but whatever.

Years later, I was at a party with the adult SLOW GHERKIN and a friend of there's ran upstairs and came down with this flyer and told me the story of us picking them up. Wow.. that was a boring tale.
Peace, mike park