September 19, 2007

Maggies favorite doll. This will be the item that we will keep intact through the years and the remnants of this tattered doll will bring fond memories to all involved. My first teddy bear is long gone, but I have kept one from the age of 7. It's nothing special like my original. Actually it kind of sucks. It's a huge one and I remember being kind of scared of it. Yup.

Maggie pulled this book off the shelf showing one of two things:
A.Matt Groening illustrated books are genius
B.She already knows WORK IS HELL!

My friend Greg Alesandro came over last night for dinner. Greg and I have known each other since grade school and plays guitar in one of my bands called the Chinkees. We have always shared a special bond in many areas, but eating is our forte. There's a great Indian Restaurant called Tandoori Oven. Well, it's not like the best, but in the local weekly arts newspaper. Every town has one of those right?? Well, they have a buy one get one free coupon. My goodness, what a deal. We got 4 entrees for the price of 2 and even our girth couldn't handle the mass amount of food. It was nice to say the least.

Tomorrow is garbage pick up day. Not the normal garbage, but the big items like furniture and stuff you want to get rid of, so I'm off to get rid of more junk. Be well.
Mike Park