September 14, 2007

11:46 AM
Southwest Airlines gives you a free roundtrip ticket after 8 roundtrip flights. It doesn't matter if it's to NYC or a short 50 minute flight to RENO, NV.. You get the same credit. If you can somehow manage 100 credits or 50 round trip flights, you get something called a companion pass. If you achieve this, you pick one person to fly with you free for one year. I currently have 79 credits and need 21 more by DECEMBER. I've been looking at cheap flights to take just for day trips so I can get this deal.

You see, Maggie flies free until she's 2, so basically myself, Monica, and Maggie can fly for the price of one ticket. Perhaps the greatest savings I can think of. Therefore I must achieve this goal. Yes, I live a strange life, with strange goals, but this is all I can think of striving for. ME=WINNER!
Mike Park