September 12, 2007

9:30 AM
I enjoy minor league baseball. One of the very few highlights of the south bay are the minor league affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. Yes, the ever powerful single A San Jose Gigantes.

Every gimmick is used to draw people to their games, but the favorite of all who attend is the "beer batter". They pick an unlucky foe on the opposing team to be the designated beer batter which means if he strikes out, all beer is 2 for 1 for the next inning. When this poor guy comes to bat the crowd(however small it may be) loses their mind. You can see the regulars at their best, holding signs, a special doll, anything and everything being screamed at this gentleman. And if he does strike out, wow.....!!! Watch people run like never before to get cheap beer. As I said before just one inning, so dozens of people lining up to get beer. It's insane.

Alcohol must be the most profitable commodity in not only the US, but the entire world. And pro sporting events know that friggin people will pay anything for a beer. A generic 16 oz beer like BUD LIGHT in a keg costs about...mmmm... $.42, but they mark it up to $8 and darn that's a lot of money made. So if you're a hardcore drinker and somehow manage 10 drinks, you're out $80.

But there's no end in sight for price drops. I can see in 2020 BEER costing $20. And ya know what? People will pay. Without a doubt, people will pay.
Mike Park