September 11, 2007

8:37 AM
September 11th is a strange day for obvious reasons. And somehow I feel obligated to write something in memoriam to the brothers/sisters lost in NYC and aboard various airliners. It's kind of surreal thinking about that day.

I was sleeping in a bus parked at a LA QUINTA MOTEL in good ol' GAINSVILLE, FLORIDA. Our bus driver had the news on and the first plane had just hit, when he decided to wake us up. I was ironically on the PLEA FOR PEACE TOUR when myself, Matt Skiba, and various members of HOT WATER MUSIC sat sleepy eyed in front of a monitor showing a smoke filled building. What was going on? And then "LIVE" we saw the second tower get hit and though we just saw it live, it seemed as if there was no way this could be reality.

And the following days and months were somber at best. I had flown to Japan exactly one month after 9/11 and experienced 25% capacity at best aboard an AMERICAN AIRLINES 747. I remember ethnic profiling everyone on board and thinking this is irrational thought behavior, but I couldn't help it. And now here we are 6 years later. Have we progressed much? Are we still looking for the leader responsible for all this? Are we at wicks end from mismanaged war atrocities? Is the news of the dead becoming just another page of red? Ahhhhh.. the pleasantries of human existance.

Well, what am I trying to say or do? Not really sure, just thought I'd say something to remember the sadness I felt that day. That's all.
Be well.
Mike Park