September 10, 2007

7:24 AM
Maggie loves the guitar. Whenever I play, she crawls up to it and grabs the strings. Thus making it impossible to play, but that's A-OK.. She gets to make noise and that early attraction to the instrument is important. Vital to her becoming a virtuoso....Isn't it? I have no idea? It's my own theory. Scientific? NO, but if I told you it was statistically proven, none of you would question me.

It's been a tough 5 days or so as Maggie has a bit of a cold. Sniffles and a temperature is a bad recipe for a 9.5 month old baby. She tries her best to smile, but she's hurting and it makes me sad. The parent/child bond is pretty intense. I can see clearly now how it effects adults in strange ways.

Anyways, she's getting better and I'm sure by weeks end we'll be doing cartwheels in the middle of the street. I've been missing a lot of days blogging my arse off. It's purely due to lack of time. I'm coming to realize I must hire some people to help around the house as my DO IT YOURSELF method is really me just looking at everything and thinking "Geeeez, I need to really fix that or clean that or do that". Yard work is the biggie and some overall home improvements. Taking a tour of the exterior of my home has me scratching my head. There's some major work that needs to be done. So, what are the chances any of you out there are either a carpenter or a landscaper? Hmmmmm... I hate having to deal with finding honest workers. Anybody? Help?
Mike Park