December 14, 2003
12:48 PM

From the bottom of my heart, I must thank so many people for all the nice xmas cards I've been getting. It's pretty neat considering I don't even know most of you. That's just people beign sweet. Why are you so nice. Well, lastt night was interesting as I flaked on both parties and ended up going on a long walk with Bridgett. We ate some curry at the vegeterian house on 11th and Santa Clara. It's always an interesting time there. As it doubles as a religious center for some cult. But the food is good. My energy was spent from my earlier walk and now I was with a person that means the world to me as we just walked and talked. We are so comfortable together and we know each other so well, but it's still so fresh to be with her. I will always love her with all my heart and it was good to just share time together and try to find a sense of where we are at in our lives. It's not an easy situation, ending a long term relationship. At times I'm still optimistic for us, but perhaps that's just me holding on. I'm sure we all go through the same emotions, but I can only wonder what went wrong. Argghhh... I'm sounding like some kind of crazed novelist for the heart broken. Anyways, I'm off to see a xmas play and then to a xmas party. Hope your sunday is beautiful.

Peace always, Mike