August 31, 2007

8:41 AM
I bowled 3 games last night. With my low score at 88 and my high being 145. We were sandwiched between two opposites. To the left was a 50 or so dude who was extremely good at bowling. Had a different ball for different situations and a lady friend that was a bit younger that he was trying to teach the game too. They both had their own shoes, a bowling glove, and yup. . They were serious bowlers. To the right were the epitomy of young adult white trash. Have you seen the movie HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE? And the extreme dudes who keep harassing Harold and Kumar... Do you remember? Well, we were right next to them. Loud, profanity laden vocab, bad tatoos, and sideway wearing baseball caps. Yup. My dream friends.

There was a guy named Paul who is a lifeguard at the YMCA I go to and he came down with some friends to do an interview with me for a paper fanzine he's trying to put together. The physical zine is a dying art form. Everyone is webzine based cause it's cheaper. But yup... they took some pictures of me bowling and we brainstormed the idea of starting punk rock bowling. We asked the dude working and he said he would spin music if we provided it and perhaps it will be something we can do every week. Hmmmm.... Something interesting in the south bay? Can it be?

I'm checking out the SAN JOSE GIANTS tonight. It will be my first minor league game of the year. Me loves baseball.
Mike Park