August 28, 2007

5:46 PM
I'm sitting in the BART parking lot at the Oakland Coliseum location. I've been sitting here since 3:45 PM. Opting always to beat traffic and relaxing for a few hours is my idea... scratch that.. it's the only option for me. With wireless internet, I can get online, do some work and BAM!! It's like I'm in the office. And what a better backdrop then a hot parking lot.

So I'm heading off to Sacramento tonight where I will sleep in the parking lot of our distributor. Again, to beat traffic. I did this about 4 years ago, so I know it's safe. I have a futon and sleeping bag, plus this here laptop with many episodes of SEINFELD to keep me occupied. And who knows.. I might catch a wireless signal so skies the limit.

I got back from LA at 9:45 PM last night. Leaving on a SATURDAY and then taking the latest flight seems to be the way to go in terms of flying SOUTHWEST to Los Angeles. The airport is really calm. I've been to LAX when it's pure insanity and I don't like it, so this will definitely be a route to take in the future.

During the weekend I had stayed with my friend Chris. He lives in an apartment in Santa Monica along with a roomate. Which is great. A stereotypical dudes apartment. Nothing more, nothing less. But I always want to stay at his moms house cause she lives in BEL AIR and it's friggin nice... Just down the street from the OLSEN twins and next door to country singer KAY STAR. She's now 80 years old and had a party on Saturday which Chris' mom was nice enough to invite me too. I got to see old Holywood at its best. A who's who of 40's and 50's chartbusting superstars. And then rolling up in a wheelchair comes ANNE MARIE from the Dick Van Dyke show. Damn, why no camera? And then I was told...well, that person over there sang this song, and he wrote that song, and she sang this song. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Even though I didn't know all the songs I was pretty stoked to be there. We ended up leaving early to go to two more parties, which sucks because I was told they had a huge concert amongst the guests accompanied by a piano. DOH!! I lose.

PARTY #2 was a birthday for a guy named ADAM. The weird part was that it was just a small get together. About 8 friends and his family. I was the only guy there who didn't know him and it was awkward as we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY I didn't even know how to finish the line "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO(PLACE NAME HERE)" But I got to eat a lot of food and cake/ice cream. Plus, I'll never see him again, so what's the big deal.

PARTY #3 was the SUBCITY RECORDS $1,000,000 DONATION MARK party or something like that. I had been given passes and was escorted up to the VIP lounge where all the drinks were free and appetizers were aplenty. Though I was full from the Bday dinner, so no food for me. And I rarely drink, but how could I pass it up? I had a guiness which I saw the lady ring up at $7.50. Geeez... That's a lot. I tipped her $2. I was in a giving mood. I stayed a short time. Just about an hour or so. I wanted to show my support, but it had been a long day plus we were going to crash at Chris' momma's house so I wanted to soak in the goodness.

We watched YOUTUBE til' 2 AM and then I slept like a log. Ahhhhh.. FUN FUN
Mike Park