August 27, 2007

10:24 AM
I'm sitting at the family home of my amigo Chris Candy. And though it's already 9:24 AM, the house is silent with emptiness as I am the only one awake. I hear some rustling in the bedrooms, so somebody is now up. Ahhhh...

It's been a strange and long weekend. All good, but for some reason I feel like I've been gone for quite some time. But in reality I've only been gone for 48 hours thus far and am leaving later tonight back to the city by the bay. No, not San Francisco...the other city.. no not Oakland. San Jose fools!!

We ended up recording 4 songs, which I think came out pretty darn good. I put up one new track on
Listen and let me know what you think. Anyways, I should have taken an early flight home, but for some reason I thought that we were going to be working today. oh well. I'll take it in stride and enjoy whatever the day brings me.

And though I've been to the LA area hundreds of times, I still can't tell where I am. Silverlake, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Westwood, blah blah blah. It's all just So Cal to me. Shoooootzzzz.. Chris is leaving for work, I've got to go with him. I'll write more at his place of business.
Mike Park