August 24, 2007

10:23 AM
What is it about the INSANE CLOWN POSSE that has thousands of kids and adults world wide at their disposal. A scene that has single handedly(maybe KORN fans too) kept the huge pants/bell bottom craze happening in 2007...? And what power this band must have to fuel (again..THOUSANDS) their fans to dress up like CLOWNS or juggalos as they more commonly refer themselves as. It\'s insane...(no pun intended)

But let\'s look at some positives or at least their creativity. It seems to me that they are completely on their own these days. In terms of keeping in the public eye, they\'ve garnered attention by pulling publicity stunts with feuds with other high profile rappers. I mean really, they must be geniuses to fool someone who is selling millions of albums to retaliate to their level. But they got EMINEM to write songs about them and hey..he\'s selling MILLIONS of records and therefore giving them these undeserved attention. And what about tapping into the white trash backyard wrestling audience. Well, believe it or not there\'s thousands of peeps who love this culture and who better to run as ring leaders? INSANE CLOWN POSSE!!

And why am I writing about this? I have no idea. I was talking to a friend about the JUGGALOS and it was just so funny to me. Guess it\'s still fresh in my mind. Anyways, I\'m heading off to LA tomorrow for some recording. I\'ll be back on Monday evening and yup.. FUN FUN
Mike Park