August 23, 2007
9:38 AM

8:12 AM
Monica and Maggie made it to Maine yesterday morning at 10:00. After 5.4 hrs to NYC, the completely full flight had Monica holding Maggie for the duration, never getting up once to use the bathroom, she sat still for the full 5 hrs, trying to sit still so Maggie could sleep. She told me her tail bone hurt something fierce and her audio for the DIRECT TV via JET BLUE was broken. DOH!!!

And to top it off, she didn't sleep a wink, but she made it safely and that's all that matters. I'm able to use the ICHAT on our APPLE desktop. So far I've had to conversations with Maggie. I wonder if she knows it's me on that computer screen? Hmmmm.... It's hard to say. I think she does, but it's probably a bit weird. Our internet connection sucks. I need to get more juice so the picture clarity will increase. Thus far it's blur city, but works. Who would of thought years ago you could chat face to face over the computer? CRAZY!!

I'm off to work. Be well.
Mike Park