August 21, 2007

12:31 AM
In 22 hours my wife and daughter will leave for two weeks as they head for the great Northeastern state of MAINE. As the thought of not seeing them for two weeks comes to fruition it's hard not to be sad. And though both are fast asleep at the present, part of me wants to wake up both and hold them tight and never let go. Sniff. sniff.. I guess I need to get used to it as I start planning for the touring life next year.

Tonight(or I guess technically last night) we said farewell to VIET PHAN, probably the best intern we've ever had. The funny thing is he doesn't even listen to anything on Asian Man. Someone referred us to him as a place to learn how to run an indie label and since we were in close proximity to him, well.. I guess that was good enough. But he was good. Worked hard, worked fast, didn't just come to hang out which seems to be the norm of so many interns of the past.

But we took him out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Japantown SJ. I think I ate at least 4 times the amount of food he did. Viet only weight 115 pounds. I weigh 220. Yikes. Anyways, thanks VIET for your help. Good luck in NYC.
Mike Park