August 20, 2007

7:58 AM
Man, I'm so tired. I told myself I'd wake up at 7 AM and stain the deck, but maybe tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow. A friend of ours named Chris was nice enough to pick up some cd's and records we had in SF and made the long journey all the way to the south bay and delivered the goods. I rewarded him with a luxury meal at Fresh Choice. The feel good buffet. I hadn't been there in over a years time. They've added NACHOS with bad for you yellow sauce to their repertoire. Good for them. No longer the good for you restaurant, they've caved in to satisfying youngsters with the orange goop. By the way, I would have eaten some had I not gorged myself with other nick knacks. They also had PHO. Monica tried it and said it wasn't half bad. Hmmmmm....

But yeah, I forgot how good FRESH CHOICE is. They're yogurt soft serve kicks ass!! A little bit of STRAWBERRY sauce over the vanilla yogurt. YUMM... Wash it down with some brownie cake or one of the other handful of cakes and yup.. Delicious.

On Saturday, Monica and I planned out a movie whilst Halmoni(Grandma) Park babysat. We wanted a brainless movie, so we picked RUSH HOUR 3. What a horrible movie. But it was so bad, it was good. Two THUMBS UP!! Jackie Chan is still rockin' in his 50's. Good for him. I hope I can keep up the pace when I'm his age, which isn't too far off. Be well people. Happy Monday.
Mike Park
(A photo sent to me from a tour I did in 2001. It's an interview with some FANZINE in Exeter, England)