December 13, 2003
5:47 PM

I have very little time to write, so I'm going to type non-stop for the next 4 minutes, let's see how much I can get in and how many mistakes I can make. I went to toys that kill lsat night and they didn't even go on til like 12:30 AM. For an all age show, that's friggin late and I was so tired, but nonetheless they still rocked. I slept over Miyas house and passed out around 2:30 AM. Woke up at 9 AM and headed to San Francisco to hang out with my friend Mara. The goal was to have no goals and to just walk. We walked and walked and enjoyed each others company. Super awesome personality she has. We decided to take the old cable carn type of trolley just to do it and headed towards the pier. We got off and looked for the mechanical museum that has all the old games of the 30's. Stuff like flip page movies and fortune teller machines. Mara lost her wallet, but someone found it and returned it with all money in tact!! YES!! The world isn't all bad. We walked more, talked more, ate some food... And now I'm home. I have to go to a XMAS party tonight at 7 PM and then I need to go to another one at 10 PM. I need to drive all the way to santa cruz and then all the way to berkeley. Argghhhh.... I'm out of here.