September 12, 2003
1:40 PM

Well, the goal of writing everyday has failed. But I'm still gonna try. Currently I feel yucky. It's super hot today and I'm all sweaty. No fun. My hair is too long and I just feel....well....Yucky I guess. I had plans to see the movie 13 last night, but instead I saw the MAGDALENE SISTERS. WOW!! This movie is heavy, heavy, heavy. Your heart sinks and your mind is racing. I felt angry, inspired, sad, and finally somewhat happy. I feel pretty unmotivated today. I'd much rather go for a bike ride or take the skateboard for a whirl, though falling on the skateboard gets more and more painful. A few nights back I went to the grocery store at night to get some orange juice. Grabbed the board went for a nice ride in this beautiful northern california weather, got my juice and some other snacks, and then headed back home. I was riding on the street and in a dark area my wheel hit a rock, I went flying, the groceries were flying and curse words were jetting from my mouth. I pick up my board pound it a few times against the ground. Why? Was it the boards fault? Hmmm..... Strange how we take our aggressions out on inanimate objects. It's cool though. A bit of road rash and I'm ok. The A's won yesterday. I'm sure you're all excited about that. yeah, right. Ok, I need to get some work done. I'll write more tomorrow.

Peace, Mike Park